Characteristics of Sensors

     Various parameters of sensors need to be considered before finalizing a sensor and associating it with a certain process. The selection criteria greatly depends upon the type of process, location of mounting the sensor, characteristics of the sensor and other parameters like availability, cost etc. Here, we will discuss the sensor characteristics and their role in selection process.

      A lot of sensors are available in the market which are produced by different manufacturers. Selecting the one that suits our process is very important. We need to check a few parameters of our process and  finalize the specifications we expect from the sensor, before putting a demand in the market. These sensor characteristics are discussed in this section. Not that all characteristics are important for a certain process; but a change in each characteristic brings about a substantial change in one or the other process. Thereby, we can ignore some characteristics whose change does not affect the requirements from our sensor. Following are the characteristics of a sensor which we need to know before finalizing it for a process.